Smartiful Flavored Coffee (VANILLA/CARAMEL)



Special coffee for special moments. Get this coffee for yourself or your loved ones. Makes a perfect gift for coffee lovers.

  • Amount: 100G
  • Type: minced – for TURKISH COFFEE
  • Added flavors: Vanilla and Caramel (2 %)


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Smartiful Flavored Coffee (IRISH CREAM)



Flavored coffees are also called special occasion coffees because they give a special tone to the times we enjoy it.

A vanilla and caramel aroma (2%) is added to the purposefully balanced coffee mixture. The aroma is added to the freshly roasted coffee immediately after roasting, when the coffee beans are most susceptible to absorbing the taste and aroma from the surrounding area.

We recommend adding milk, which connects taste of coffee with flavor.


Tip for making delicious and aromatic turkish coffee:

preparation time:approx. 4 min

fine grinding

15 g (2 teaspoons)of coffee

1.50 dl water

coffee pot

  1. Fill the pan with cold water, add coffee to the cold water and place on a hot plate or fire. Avoid maximum temperatures during induction, otherwise the water boils too fast.
  2. When the coffee is slightly submerged, after about 1 minute, stir well to dissolve the coffee. The foam layer slowly forms on the surface, then allow the foam to slowly rise.
  3. When the coffee rises toward the edge of the coffee pot, carefully carefully steep it before boiling it, at about 90 ⁰C. Then a thick layer of foam is formed on top.
  4. You can land your coffee back on the hot plate for a moment, but not necessarily. Coffee is not a fan of high temperatures. Wait at least 2 minutes before serving and drinking, about the amount of time it takes to prepare the coffee to settle and the larger particles settle to the bottom of the pan.

Offer Turkish coffee with a glass of water to clean your taste buds. If desired, sweeten, add milk, some cream…



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