Meet Smartiful Cup

Smartiful Cup is a must-have ultimate coffee accessory for every coffee and design lover. It is for those who have a sense for style and are looking for useful and beautiful cup at once.


It also has a lot of other advantages such as:

  • Multi – purpose use (coffee, tea);
  • REUSABLE – not just for a single use;
  • Can be USED FOR YEARS if treated well;
  • without BPA;
  • SAFE from melamin and formaldehid – we tested it at The National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food;
  • Each cup for each style;
  • Using less paper (+ for the environment; less trees cut down);
  • Dishwasher safe (if washing on a low temperature to keep the texture of the cup, but we suggest handwash).


It is available in 5 different designs so that anyone can find a Smartiful Cup that fits their style.

You can explore all the designs here.

Why Smartiful Cup?

Because you are smart, beautiful and busy.

We created SMARTIFUL COFFEE CUP, a travel coffee cup reinvented. Both cup and lid are made from the same material so that there is no reason to worry about spilling you coffee or drinking from your favourite baverage from a cup thinking it is not safe for use – it is (we tested it!).

It is:

  • BPA free;
  • LIGHT and DURABLE (can be used for years);


“Forget about single use cups!”

Thanks to our reusable SMARTIFUL COFFEE CUP, travel coffee mug reinvented. Yes, screw lid is also made from the same material and not silicone!

No more concerns about BPA and all other second thoughts while drinking your coffee from regular plastic cups. We have you covered!


You can get yours here.



“Forget about Silicone lids!”

Silicone lids just don’t do us a favour, therefore, we have made one better and safer for use.

Because we know how unpleasant silicone lids are, we have created a lid from the same material as your cup – firm, and not from soft silicone. It has a SCREW LID, therefore, no worries about unsuccessfully trying to close the cup and lid not fitting the cup right away – it will fit, right away! All it takes is just one turn and the cup is closed and safe from leaking.


You get the lid in a combination with the cup. You can order here.


“Forget about spilling your coffee ever again!”

We found a solution for this problem and it’s called Smartiful plug. Name says it all, but lets explain it anyway:

It is a small plug made from FDA approved silicone and has a little magnet inserted. Therefore, when you are in situations when most likely you will spill coffee, just use the plug to close the drinking hole. When you don’t need the plug (while drinking) just remove it from the drinking hole and attach it to the magnet on right or  the left side of the leather sleeve.

That’s great right? You will never ever spill your coffee again and you have less chances to lose it because you know where it is-attached to your leather sleeve.


If it happens that you still lose it, you can always order another one here.



“Forget about Silicone sleeves!”

Thanks to our handmade LUXURY SMARTIFUL MAGNETIC SLEEVE made of exquisite, nature friendly, PVC free, luxury collection faux leather. Its appearance speaks for itself: extraordinary look, supple touch and 24k gold logo emblem, for an extra touch of luxury.

And it’s far from ordinary….thanks to its 3 magnets:

first magnet is on the back of the sleeve (opposite site from the logo emblem) and was meant to attach the holder to any metal surface (yes, a refrigerator is a perfect example!).

The second & third magnet are located on the right and left side of the sleeve and are as tiny as they can be. You can attach your Smartiful Plug here – so it doesn’t get lost (you’re welcome!).


You get a leather sleeve along with the Smartiful Cup. You can order your cup here.


EASY FOR USE (screw lid & smart features)

SAVE MONEY (use it for years)

BPA FREE (and beautiful)

REUSABLE (not just for single use)


Here you will find tips for cleaning your Smartiful Cup:


  • Cup and lid:

You can clean your cup and lid with »Smartiful Cleaner« which is based on the natural ingredients and is very affective with removing stains. Just Boil water and pour it into a cup till top. Add 3-5 tbl spoons of »Smartiful Cleaner« and leave it for at least 1h (if you leave it more time it is even better). After that, just pour out the water, rinse and wipe the cup. The cup is now clean and ready for your next use.

You can order or get more information about Smartiful Cleaner here.

*You can also put both in washing machine (but make sure you remove holder and plug), but have in mind that if you do that, the cups print and shiny coat can get damaged (can fade). Also it is preferable to set the washing temperature to lower.


  • Faux Leather Sleeve:

Spot cleaning with soap and water will remove most stains. Though, difficult stains can be cleaned with mild alcohol – based colutions followed by clean water rinse.

Cleans and disinfects with 5:1 water/bleach dilution.


  • Plug:

Cleans by water rinse.


You get a compilimentary of 15g Smartiful Cleaner when ordering Smartiful Cup. For separate purchase you can order it here.